Discover more about virtual learning

So much more than an online course.

What's a virtual course?

Simply put, a virtual course is where technology is used to simplify and accelerate remote learning.
Classroom Courses
Taught "in-person" and can provide a rich and rewarding learning environment with quality results for students.
The drawbacks are the increased course, travel and accommodation costs, as well as the excessive time and inconvenience.
Online Courses
Some training companies have tried to put their courses "online", with very mixed results.
Without the expertise or understanding of e-learning, critical aspects of the student experience are changed or lost.
AV8's Virtual Courses
 Built from the ground up to be delivered via technology for a range of different learning styles.
We've used decades of aviation, instructional and virtualisation expertise to create a student experience you'll love.
Systems and processes are simplified and innovative teaching channels are provided that delivery high quality students outcomes.
Our unique approach is far more flexible and effective than any classroom or online course.

The AV8 Virtual Learning Environment

Our Virtual Learning Environment is a group of interconnected technologies and services; together they form a powerful platform for your course.
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