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AV8 Launches Mobile App for Training Partners

Edinburgh, May 14th, 2021

AV8 today announced the launch of a new mobile app to support their training partner network. Known as the AV8 Partner App, it provides companies that work with AV8 with a single point of information, documentation and workflow management, as well as the ability to complete flight training and assessments through a single portal.

AV8's CEO, Jon Anderson, said "We wanted to create a simple, unified way for our strategic training partners to work with us.
Through the Partner App we're able to reduce the workload associated with conducting flight training and assessments, and to automate the vast majority of related activity."


The app, currently available for all iOS devices, integrates with AV8's many other virtual systems to provide automated and integrated student scheduling, location risk assessments, flight assessments for fixed wing and multi-rotor drone operations, as well as tasking and document control.

The platform is designed to be used either on or offline and removes the need for any physical paperwork; even student signatures are captured via contactless QR codes - a critical health & safety consideration for in person training and assessments.

About AV8

Created by a dedicated and highly skilled team with nearly a century of combined aviation experience, AV8 Flight School is the UK's leading drone training provider.

From light aircraft to fighter jets, helicopters to jet-liners and of course, all manner of drones from 250 grams to 2.2 tons; the AV8 team has thousands of hours piloting and instructing on everything that flies.

As the only CAA approved organisation able to provide fully virtual, on-demand training and certification, students can start, pause and resume at their own pace 24/7/365, with access to the very best in instructional support whenever they need it: infinitely scalable and accessible.

For more information, visit

If you're brand new to drones, then the full GVC course is for you. Designed for anyone, regardless of previous experience or learning style, we give you everything you need to achieve your GVC.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Course

Full GVC Course

£999.00 (+ VAT)

Upgrade your legacy PfCO to the full GVC the easy way. 100% online, no flight test requirement and all your operations manual updates are provided. A2 CofC is also included as standard.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Upgrade Course

PfCO Upgrade Course

£499.50 (+ VAT)

Exclusively for graduates of AV8's A2 CofC course! We designed the A2 and GVC courses to fit hand-in-glove; this means you can progress to the GVC without repeating any content.

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GVC Modular Course

£750.00 (+ VAT)
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