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AV8 Launches Augmented Reality Mobile App for Drone Training

Edinburgh, May 24th, 2021

AV8 today announced the launch of their new Augmented Reality mobile app, AiRSpace. Aimed at providing their aviation students with a more immersive and interactive learning experience, the app sits alongside primary course material and provides users with the ability to place and explore three dimensional items within their real-world environment.

Said Lilie Weaver, AV8's CTO, "the challenge with some aspects of aviation training is how to explain complex subjects to new students effectively; meteorology, aerodynamics and airspace are all highly abstract concepts that aren't always intuitive.
AiRSpace takes students well beyond diagrams, talking-head videos and other 2D media, and into the world of interactive augmented reality".

The app works by recognising and mapping the user's real-world surroundings in real time, and then allowing them to place objects into that environment. Once placed, the object retains its three-dimensional position and appears to the user as being a real item that can interacted with.

Taking advantages of recent developments in AR technology, compatible devices also allow for "people occlusion"; a clever trick that places the 3D object behind a person (or part of a person!) if they move between the mobile device and where the object is located in 3D space.

Initially released with a section covering 8 different types of airspace, additional modules are planned for release across the summer, covering a wide range of subjects including principles of flight, meteorology and flight operations. AiRSpace is currently available to AV8 students in the iOS App Store with release to Android users via the Google Play Store scheduled for July 2021.

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