AV8 launch UK's first fully virtual EASA drone training

In a step that's sure to cause a stir in the UK drone training industry, AV8 today announced the launch of their exciting new EASA drone training courses that utilise an array of advanced technologies to provide accessible certification at a fraction of the traditional cost.

The A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC), priced at just £125.00 is aimed towards both hobbyists who want more freedom in where they fly, and entry-level commercial operators who intend to use smaller, more lightweight drones as part of their business services.

The General VLOS Certificate (GVC) conversion, priced at £175.00 and which also includes the A2 CofC, has been created to support existing PfCO holders who want to transition to the new EASA framework. As a combined award for both certifications, it allows operators the flexibility to fly under either the restrictions of the A2 subcategory or their Operational Authorisation / PfCO, depending on the constraints of the required task. Having a GVC also serves as a basis to add the more advanced modules in the future, such as the upcoming Beyond VLOS module that would ordinarily require a complex Operating Safety Case.

The courses are all accessible via the company's market-leading Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), the only one of its kind designed specifically to facilitate virtual training, exams, student support, certification and knowledge base for aviation training. Because everything is provided on an on-demand basis, course completion is directed entirely by the student.

"Today's announcement is a real milestone for us and one we've worked tirelessly towards for the last 18 months. Whilst some providers have dipped their toes into remote training with rudimentary platforms and manual workarounds for support and exams, we've created an entire ecosystem that's singularly focussed towards our student's success. This means we can offer a far superior student experience at a much more reasonable price point.

Every aspect of the student experience has been developed to make it as simple, accessible and convenient as possible to achieve certification."

Jon Anderson, CEO

The company employs a lot of tech to achieve this quality of student experience, using a combination of automation and AI to streamline each part. From the student's perspective its seamless, with courses guided through:

  • Automated creation of learning accounts, with secure Single Sign On (SSO) for all of AV8's systems; students only need one set of login credentials.

  • Course material that can be accessed via a browser or mobile app (iOS and Android), with embedded virtual tours to demonstrate each important part of the course.

  • Interactive course content that caters for a range of learning styles, reinforced through knowledge checks and quizzes.

  • On-demand virtual exams (24/7/365), provided by AV8's professional proctoring partner.

  • Flight Docs, AV8's proprietary automated document generation system which creates a compliant Operations Manual in just a couple of hours.

  • Automated CAA certification, complimented by AV8's digital certification which allows graduates to add their new certificates to their phone's secure wallet app, just like a credit or reward card.

The proverbial cherry-on-top is that students are provided with unlimited, on-demand support with an AV8 instructor from directly within their course. They simply click an icon anytime they need help, select a convenient time and then connect either by phone or video chat to an instructor in one of AV8's virtual studios.

Both courses are open for enrolment from Tuesday 5th May via

About AV8

AV8 Flight School are a specialist aviation training provider, approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority under the Recognised Assessment Entity framework. For more information, visit

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