AV8 Announces Digital Pilot Passes for Drone Registration

With the introduction of new drone laws in the UK last year, anyone who owns or flies a drone now has to register with the CAA or risk a fine of up to £1,000. The registration process, which involves entering your details, taking a brief online test and paying a small fee, creates a Flyer ID and an Operator ID, sent to the user by email.

Anyone flying a drone can now be asked by the police to provide their CAA registration details, however finding information from an email you may have received several years ago might not always be so easy.

To solve this, AV8 Technologies have created Pilot Passes which hold your CAA registration details inside your phone's digital wallet (either Apple Wallet or Google Pay). Since the overwhelming majority of drone pilots use their phone as a camera display whilst flying, their Flyer and Operator ID's are always with them and just a double-click of the home button away.

"When drone registration became mandatory at the end of 2019, not a lot of thought went into how flyers and operators would reliably store and access their CAA details over a period of time. It's been left to individuals to solve.
We created Pilot Passes as a convenient and secure way for drone pilots to be able to comply with the law. Jon Anderson, CEO AV8 Group.

On the reverse of the Pilot Pass is a quick-launch link to Altitude Angel's free Guardian App which helps drone pilots maintain awareness of the airspace they're flying in and of any restrictions that might apply.

To create a Pilot Pass, visit the AV8 website. A small fee of £1.99 is charged that goes towards operating the service on a not-for-profit basis.

(Note: the Pilot Pass service doesn't replace the CAA's registration process and the individual user is responsible for the accuracy and validity of the data entered).

AV8 has pioneered the use of technology in the drone training industry and will shortly use Pilot Passes to provide digital certification to those who complete their commercial drone courses.

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The AV8 Group provides specialist technology, training and consultancy services to the drone industry.

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