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AV8 announces automated document generation system for PfCO Operations Manuals

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

Continuing in their disruption of the commercial drone training market, AV8 have today announced the launch of their automated document generation system.

Designed to greatly reduce the currently time-consuming process of creating a company Operations Manual that all new commercial operators must go through, the system forms an integral part of their pioneering virtual courses.

"For years, drone training companies have been sending their students a large and unwieldy MS Word template and then expected them to trawl back and forth making endless revisions and edits; a tedious process that can take weeks and that's incredibly susceptible to error.  Worse still are the companies that try to offer short-cuts by charging to write the manual for their students.

Our approach recognises that the student's time and effort is better spent on the document's quality and their understanding of it, and we use technology to remove the leg-work that adds no value."

Jon Anderson


The system works through a graphical user interface with intelligent and dynamic field content that alters depending on the structure and options selected by the student. All edits are saved to the cloud and can be revisited at the student's convenience.

Once complete, the student simply exports their document and the system handles the formatting, layout and the addition of standardised sections.

Learn more at https://www.fly-av8.com/operations-manual

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AV8 Flight School is a specialist aviation training provider and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to offer commercial drone courses. For more information, visit https://www.fly-av8.com.

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