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AV8 advances drone training with UK’s first virtual courses

Edinburgh, September 13th, 2019

Keeping pace with the rapidly developing changes in the drone industry, AV8 Flight School has today unveiled their exciting new commercial drone operator course, designed from the ground-up to extend professional certification to anyone, regardless of location.

The course is built around AV8’s innovative Virtual Learning Environment (“VLE”); a combination of technologies that support online participation and create an enjoyable and effective student experience. The VLE utilises an advanced e-learning platform, professional production studios, automated support scheduling, online resources, and document compilation tools.

Prospective commercial drone operators usually incur additional time, travel and expense when attending traditional training courses. The introduction of AV8’s VLE removes this entirely, with even the practical flight assessments conducted locally by AV8’s nationwide network of examiners.

To complete the course, AV8’s students engage in a combination of self-directed online theory study, virtual workshops and training events for more complex subjects; all of which are supported by unlimited access to anytime 1-on-1 tuition from AV8’s team of experienced instructors. AV8 has also partnered with US-based ProctorU, a leading exam invigilation service that employs artificial intelligence to enable students to take their assessments remotely and securely.

“With AV8, our focus has been to create student outcomes that exceed those of traditional courses and to make certification available to anyone, regardless of location. We’ve achieved this by designing our course to be first and foremost delivered through technology; an incredible amount of work has gone into building the VLE and course content in a way that both supports students and satisfies the CAA’s high approval standards”.

Calum Law

Chief Flying Instructor, AV8

The concept is the brainchild of AV8’s CEO, Jon Anderson, a former expert in virtualisation technologies and operations with Amazon, and himself a keen pilot with a background in aviation that goes back to the early 1990’s. In late 2018 he identified how technology could be used to remove geographic barriers to aviation training and to make the entire process of obtaining a CAA permission more convenient and accessible for new operators. He took this principle, recruited a senior team of experienced aviation experts from manned and unmanned disciplines, and together they built AV8’s courses, infrastructure and operating model.

In explaining his vision, he notes that“when you change the way in which students engage with learning, going from an ‘in-person’ to a ‘remote’ delivery model, much of what made the original course successful is either changed or removed entirely; modifying the recipe fundamentally alters the product. Other companies have taken a reductive approach in putting their existing courses ‘online’, with many critical aspects of the student experience and course outcomes suffering as a result. We take an additive approach; recognising the importance of every element of the change and responding by modifying our methodology and adding new tools and channels of support. This ensures the quality of what we provide remains intact“. 

About AV8

AV8 Flight School are a specialist aviation training provider and approved by the UK Civil Aviation Authority to offer commercial drone courses. For more information, visit https://www.fly-av8.com.

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