AV8 Pilot Passes

Keep all your CAA information in one easily accessible place - your phone
With an AV8 Pilot Pass, you can now securely store and access your CAA Operator & Flyer IDs through your mobile phone.
Registering with the CAA is now a legal requirement for anyone who owns or flies a drone. Once you've registered, the CAA issue you with an Operator ID and / or Flyer ID via email.
When flying your drone, you can be asked by the police to provide these details.
We've created Pilot Passes so that you can conveniently store your CAA information inside your mobile phone's wallet; secure and accessible with just a double-click of your home button. 
Create your Pilot Pass today for just £1.99
Security: Securely stored with your other payment and reward cards.
Accessibility: Just double click the home-button and select to view.
Works with Apple Wallet & Google Pay Apps
It's easy to set up; just click below, enter your details and your pass is automatically added to your wallet.
(Note: we recommend you complete this process on your mobile phone)
New! Pilot Passes For Certification
If you complete an AV8 course, you'll receive an additional Pilot Pass reflecting your certification, competencies and aircraft types.
Click here to find out more about our courses.
Are you new to wallet passes? No problem, click below to find out all about them (they're really easy!)
Terms of Use
  1. The AV8 Pilot Pass service is provided for information purposes only;
  2. All purchases of this service are valid for a period of 12 months from the date of pass creation;
  3. The AV8 Pilot Pass is not an identity card and does not confer to the user any qualification, certification or approval from AV8 Technologies Ltd or any other entity;
  4. The user of this service is responsible for the accuracy and validity of any personal and registration data entered;
  5. This service is not provided in affiliation with the UK Civil Aviation Authority;
  6. This is an optional service and is not a required part of the UK Civil Aviation Authority's Drone & model Aircraft Registration and Education Service (DRES). For more information, visit https://register-drones.caa.co.uk;
  7. Any and all use of this service is governed by our general terms and conditions and GDPR policies.
Already have a Pilot Pass and need to change your details?
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