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General VLOS Certificate (GVC) - Modular

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The Certification

If you've already completed your A2 CofC with us and want to upgrade to the full GVC, look no further. Our modular certification course has been designed to compliment your existing certification and allow you to upgrade without repeating what you've already learned. This gives you the best of both worlds: operate under your CAA permission when you need to; fly under your A2 CofC for those fast, simple tasks.

The best part is that you wont pay any more for completing each certification separately than if you'd enrolled in the combined course.

Your GVC will allow you to:

  • Apply to the CAA for an Operational Authorisation
  • Fly drones up to 25kg
  • Fly to within 50m of uninvolved people (measured as a bubble around the drone), reduced to 30m when taking off and landing
  • Fly within congested / built up areas (areas used for recreational, commercial, residential and industrial purposes)

The Course

Enrolling in our CAA approved GVC modular course is inexpensive, fast and available to anyone. Because you've already covered much of the syllabus in your A2 CofC course, you'll cover just one extended module (Intermediate Flight Operations) and learn how to plan, conduct and manage a professional operations: end-to-end. This fourth module contains practical exercises and walk-throughs and when you're ready to take your exam, you simply login, select a time and follow the set up instructions, just like the last time.

With your exam complete, you're ready to start creating your operations manual via our automated system; Flight Docs. This is a web-based tool where you can craft your manual, using a simple and intuitive interface. End-to-end it'll take a couple of hours, after which you simply submit it for review. We aim to complete the review within 48 hours.

The final part of the course is to pass your practical flight assessment. This is the only "in-person" activity and we provide you with the format and flight activities required. We have a national network of flight examiners for you to select from. You just log in to the automated booking system, select a date and time that suits you and we guide you the rest of the way.

Key Features

  • With the exception of the flight assessment, 100% online & on-demand (start, pause & resume at your own pace)
  • Exams available online and on-demand, 24/7/365
  • Free exam retakes (99.6% of our students pass first time!)
  • Operations manual creation through our automated Flight Docs system
  • Flight assessment with an examiner near you
  • Digital certification to your phone
  • Unlimited, on-demand instructor support (Email, Phone, Video Call)

Course Requirements

In order to complete the course exam, you must:

  • Have a valid A2 Certificate of Competence issued by AV8 Flight School
  • Have completed the CAA's Drone and Model Aircraft online training course and test and be in possession of a valid Flyer ID (This is free to complete and can be done in less than 30 minutes)
  • Have completed a period of practical flight training (either formally or under 'self monitored' conditions). This must be conducted in the A3 (Open) Category (i.e. far from people) but simulating the conditions of the A2 (Open) Category (i.e. close to people)
  • We recommend that you practice for at least 2 hours at a location far from people but fly as though you are flying close to people. The course includes some practice activities to help you hone your skills!
  • Have an internet connection speed of at least 2Mbps (This is needed in order to get the most from the course and to take your online exam)
  • Have access to a suitable enabled laptop / desktop with a webcam, speakers and microphone (mobile access to course material is optional)
  • Have access to an appropriate small unmanned aircraft

Save this product for later

If you're brand new to drones, then the full GVC course is for you. Designed for anyone, regardless of previous experience or learning style, we give you everything you need to achieve your GVC.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Course

Full GVC Course

£999.00 (+ VAT)

Upgrade your legacy PfCO to the full GVC the easy way. 100% online, no flight test requirement and all your operations manual updates are provided. A2 CofC is also included as standard.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Upgrade Course

PfCO Upgrade Course

£499.50 (+ VAT)

Exclusively for graduates of AV8's A2 CofC course! We designed the A2 and GVC courses to fit hand-in-glove; this means you can progress to the GVC without repeating any content.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Modular Course

GVC Modular Course

£750.00 (+ VAT)
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