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Flight Docs take the hard work out of creating your operations manual. Using just a web browser, you enter some basic details and then review a series of key sections that contain fully compliant, pre-populated content. Typically it takes around an hour to work through and complete this stage.

You can edit and modify the content and when you're ready, just hit the "Create Doc" button and your Ops Manual will be auto-created.

Your brand new Ops Manual will arrive in your email inbox in under a minute in MS Word format. From there you simply complete a few adjustments, then review the whole document to make sure you're happy with it.

Self Service & Supported Versions
    • 1 month's access (28 days)
    • 100% online & on-demand
    • Web-based user interface
    • Pre-populated suggested content (suits most small to medium sized operations)

Supported Version
    • Instructor advice, specialist support & consultancy for your document content
    • Full review of your final edited document to confirm compliance and readiness for CAA submission

Important Information

  1. The self-sevice option of Flight Docs contains a compliant template from which to work from. As your final document is freely editable and you haven't received support and final review from the AV8 team, it is your responsibility to ensure it complies with the prevailing legislation. AV8 Flight School Ltd does not accept any liability for any direct or consequential loss that may occur through the use of the Flight Docs system or the use of any document created through it. This includes where any application to the CAA is rejected for any reason, and any fees or delays caused as a result.
  2. Use of Flight Docs is limited to our fair use policy where your account is limited to two drafts and one final version for a single entity.


We recommend you use a desktop or laptop to complete your Ops Manual, however flight Docs can be used through a tablet.

    • Available via any browser (cookies must be enabled)
    • MS Word required for final editing (however you can convert to a word processing program of your preference)
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