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Change is Coming!

Important new legislation came into effect from November 30th 2019 that affects all drone users.
Are you ready?

What's changing?

Nov 2019

Drone & Model Aircraft Registration & Education Scheme

From the 30th November 2019, new CAA rules now apply to all owners (operators) and users (flyers) of model aircraft and drones.

What do I need to know?

  • If you own or fly a drone or model aircraft that weighs between 250g and 20kg and intend to fly it outdoors, you must take action to avoid falling foul of the new laws.

What do I need to do?

  • If you own a drone or unmanned aircraft, you must register as an "Operator" (the CAA term for anyone responsible for a drone or model aircraft). The CAA cost for this will be £9.00, renewable annually.

  • If you fly a drone or unmanned aircraft (including model aircraft) you will need to take and pass an online education package. This is provided free and renewable every three years.


Click below to go to the CAA's website for more details.


UK-Wide Changes to Drone Certification & Permissions

2020 will see more of the extensive new drone laws being implemented. These changes will affect all drone users, both commercial and recreational and change the primary focus of all drone flights to the management of risk.

The changes are still being refined by the CAA and we'll update you once more is known.

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