The General VLOS Certificate Conversion (GVC-Convex)

Future-proof your operations by converting your existing PfCO to a combined GVC / A2 CofC
The Course

1 Day Course

100% Online & On-Demand

Who's this course for?
Anyone who has a current UK CAA PfCO and wishes to convert it to the new GVC. This course awards both the GVC and A2 CofC.
What's the format of the course?
This course is completed entirely through our Virtual Learning Environment, with the exam conducted online and on-demand. A flight test is usually not required (see FAQ for details).
How long does it take?
Average completion time is 1 day.

£175.00 ex VAT, (£210.00 inc VAT)

GVC Course Overview
The GVC-Convex course allows legacy PfCO holders to obtain the new EASA certification without having to study the entire GVC syllabus or pass a flight assessment (subject to recency of flying).
Whilst a PfCO will continue to be accepted by the CAA for the issue of an Operational Authorisation until 2025, this course is a must for anyone who wants to future-proof their operation and who may wish to add additional permission modules as they become available.
Please note: this course includes the A2 CofC (click to view).
GVC Course Content & Format
Within this course you'll learn about the new legislation and some key differences between the legacy PfCO and new EASA frameworks. The material has been written for current PfCO holders, but as you work through the subjects you'll also have on-demand access to your instructors via email, phone or video chat.
The course includes updates to your operations manual, either as content inserts or via AV8's Flight Docs system. See FAQ section for more information.
GVC Course Certification
This course is available to start anytime with formal CAA certification issued upon completion.
At the end of the course you'll automatically receive your official CAA certificate (PDF) along with your digital certification which can be added to your phone's secure wallet app- exclusive to AV8 students! Click here to learn more. 
The GVC and A2 CofC are valid for a period of 5 years, after which they must be renewed.
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GVC Course Excerpt
AV8 are proud to offer the most advanced eLearning platform in the industry.
Click the screen below to view an excerpt from the course.
Optimised for desktop, laptop & tablet through any browser; PC, Mac or Android
GVC Course FAQs
Q: How does the exam work?
A: The exam is the only part of the course that has to be completed using a desktop or laptop computer. At the moment, tablet devices aren't supported. Click here to see which Operating Systems and devices are supported (opens in new window). Your computer must also meet some basic standards (Operating System, webcam, speakers, etc.). Click here to run quick automated test to make sure your computer will work.
Q: Is a flight assessment required for this course?
A: Because current PfCO holders already meet the CAA's standard for flight skills competence, there's usually no need for you to complete the standard GVC flight test, provided you can demonstrate a reasonable degree of flying regularity over the last 12 months and at least 2 hours of flight (recreational or commercial) over the last 3 months. If you don't quite meet these requirements, please get in touch with the team and we can provide a conversion course that includes a flight assessment (additional fee may apply). If you completed a PfCO course less than 12 months ago, please get in touch so we can verify your current flying standard.
Q: How does the Operations Manual part of the course work?
A: The CAA will shortly be updating CAP722A which will describe any OM changes needed. This is expected to be in the form of deletions, modification and additions to the current OM standards and all fairly minor in nature. AV8 will provide you with all these in a step-by-step format, allowing you to update your OM quickly and easily and we'll be on hand to help you through the process if you need any help.
In the highly unlikely event that the CAA direct that OMs be entirely different, you can use AV8's Flight Docs system to recreate your OM to the new standard. Flight Docs is our automated OM generation platform that enables you to create a new OM in around 2 to 3 hours; far quicker than any other method available.
Q: My PfCO has lapsed, can I still complete the conversion course?
A: Unfortunately not. The conversion course is based around an operator meeting current standards, but for lapsed PfCO's this may not be the case. If your PfCO has lapsed we'll shortly be offering the full GVC course.
Why choose an AV8 course?
Exclusive to AV8



With no residential requirement, our advanced Virtual Learning Platform provides so much more than online study.


Interactive, fun, supported and accessible; you choose how and when you study.

Complete your course in just a few hours.

AV8's Single Sign on, powered by Auth0
A laptop, desktop or tablet (IOS or Android)
A webcam & speakers / headphones
Minimum upload / download speed 2Mbps
Current Permission for Commercial Operations
To start this course you must be in possession of a current CAA PfCO and have completed a PfCO course at an approved NQE.
CAA Application
Renewal of your PfCO will be as an Operational Authorisation and is subject to any applicable CAA fees (not covered within this course).
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