Flight Docs

Creating your company Operations Manual just got a whole lot easier.
Embedding quality - reducing workload
Ask any seasoned drone operator which part of their GVC course took the longest to complete; in all likelihood they'll recount the weeks it took to create their company Operations Manual.
Why so much work?
An "OM" is a detailed document created by you that describes every aspect of your intended drone operation.
Having one is mandatory for all commercial operators and typically they're 60 to 100 pages long. That's a lot of time and effort!
Where do you even start?
Every training company provides their students with a very large (and very often unwieldy) MS Word template as a starting point; it's then down to the student to work through each page and modify it until they have their own OM.
The amount of support provided varies.
How are AV8 different?
We believe that a student's time and effort should go into the quality of the OM, not the laborious task of trawling back and forth through a cumbersome Word doc; a task that's needlessly time-consuming, tedious and highly susceptible to errors.
AV8 students use Flight Docs.

Graphical User Interface

Step-by-step you decide the content of your OM through the graphical user interface. In each section you're presented with a description of what's required and then some suggested options and notes of advice. For more complex sections, you can copy our suggested text to help get you started and tailor it to your own operation. You can edit, save and return later as much as you need to.

Intelligent & Dynamic

As you make various choices around your content, subsequent sections are modified and adjusted. Intuitive drop-down and checkbox selections make it easy to progress fast. The system will make sure that each item you enter is added to every relevant area of your manual, so there's no need to spend hours with "find and replace".

Download, Review & Submit

When you're finished editing, clicking Submit will trigger the document compilation process and you'll receive a copy via email within a few moments. With some very small exceptions, all formatting and structure is completed for you, and the system will add various standardised elements. All that remains is for you to review your completed document, make a few final tweaks and submit to the AV8 team for approval.

We provide full guidance before you start your OM and help and support is always on-hand as you progress through.