The days of pencil, paper and a room full of anxiety are long gone.

Certification on your terms: where & when you choose.
Ok, let's simplify things
All our certified courses require that you pass a theory exam.
Usually the time, date and location of your exam is set by the training company offering the course.
AV8 are one of the very few training providers certified by the CAA to offer professional virtual exams.
How Does it Work?
An informal knowledge check is added to the end of each study module.
Multiple choice, no time limit, take them as many times as you like.
Great practice!
At the end of the last module, your theory exam becomes unlocked.
You can take this exam from any quiet place with an Internet connection.
Click to find out which Operating Systems and Devices are supported (opens in new window)
Scheduling the exam is a breeze, with on-demand availability, 24/7/365.
You'll connect with a friendly, live proctor (a human being!) who'll help you get set up.
Once you're ready, the proctor will hand over to the Artificial Intelligence for exam monitoring.
Plenty of time, multiple choice questions, instant results.
Told you it was simple!
Click see the 2 minute video of how it works
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