Don't worry, it's not just you; the new EASA rules are confusing everyone!

EASA Regulations
Ok, let's see if we can make the complex into something nice and simple
On the 31st December 2020, the UK will transition to a new framework of regulations for all drones; recreational and commercial.
These new rules are designed to harmonise drone laws across Europe; the problem is, knowing what's changing and how it might affect you can be incredibly confusing. 
We've simplified things to help you work out the best way of achieving your aims.
The key principles are:
  • After 31/12/20 the CAA won't require anyone to have a special permission in order to operate drones commercially.
  • The primary consideration for all drone operations will be separation from people and how much risk a drone flight carries.
  • "CE Marked" drones will gradually become available to make drone flying safer for everyone.
  • Arrangements have been made to allow existing drones to be used in the new categories for the next couple of years.
Please note: because CE-marked drones aren't yet available, the information we provide in the decision engine below is based on non-CE marked drones.
If you can't see our little tool on this page, it's likely you're viewing from a phone that's too small to display the content. It works with tablets, laptops and desktops though.
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