Convenient Digital Certification

By AV8 Technologies
Digital Certification
A new standard in demonstrating your formal certifications
When you complete any AV8 course, two types of certification are automatically created and issued to you.
CAA Compliant Certification
  • Meets the CAA's template specification
  • Auto-populated with your course and completion details
  • Provided to you via email as a PDF and retained within your intelligent learning platform account
Digital Certification
  • Provided to you via email with auto-install to your mobile phone's secure wallet (iOS and Android)
  • Links directly to your formal CAA certification (via a secure url and password) - click to display in your browser & save to device
  • Auto-populated with your course and completion details
  • Altitude Angel App launcher on reverse
  • Valid for 5 years
  • Securely stored alongside your phone's other credit and reward cards, accessible with a double-click of the home button
  • Locally stored - no internet access required to view after install