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Three iPhones on a black surface overlaid with screenshots of AV8’s Airspace mobile app

View learning differently.

AV8's AiRSpace

Augmented Reality mobile app for aviation training.
Download the demo for free

AiRSpace: Features

Move beyond talking-head videos, and into the world of interactive augmented reality.

1. Explore

Using your iPhone or iPad, place and explore a full range of lower airspace features and hazards into your real-world environment.  Once placed, the objects remain in place while you scale, rotate and move around them.

2. Airspace

See the most important airspace features and hazards around you, wherever you are. Hold up your iPhone or iPad and restricted airspace magically appears in front of you, with distance annotations and airspace-type identifiers overlaid.

3. Fly (coming soon)

In a future update, AiRSpace will be able to replace your drone's standard control app, allowing you to overlay airspace on your drone camera's display.

4. Create (coming soon)

In a future update, AiRSpace will support flight planning in 3 dimensions. Map your flight in advance, view it in small-scale augmented reality, then overlay your flight plan into your real-world whilst flying.


Explore the intangible

No aviation subject is more conceptual than airspace. You can't see or touch it, which makes learning about it a little tricky. AV8's AiRSpace mobile app allows you to place and explore three dimensional models into your real-world environment, using just your iOS device.

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See your own airspace

Hold up your iOS device and see airspace hazards and features all around you in real-time, with accurate distances to flight restriction zones, danger areas and more. 

If you're brand new to drones, then the full GVC course is for you. Designed for anyone, regardless of previous experience or learning style, we give you everything you need to achieve your GVC.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Course

Full GVC Course

£999.00 (+ VAT)

Upgrade your legacy PfCO to the full GVC the easy way. 100% online, no flight test requirement and all your operations manual updates are provided. A2 CofC is also included as standard.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Upgrade Course

PfCO Upgrade Course

£499.50 (+ VAT)

Exclusively for graduates of AV8's A2 CofC course! We designed the A2 and GVC courses to fit hand-in-glove; this means you can progress to the GVC without repeating any content.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Modular Course

GVC Modular Course

£750.00 (+ VAT)
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