The A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC)

For recreational and commercial flying
The Course

1 Day Course

100% Online & On-Demand

Who's this course for?
Anyone over the age of 13 wishing to fly their drone in the A2 (Open) Category for recreational or commercial purposes.
What's the format of the course?
This course is completed entirely through our Virtual Learning Environment, with the exam conducted online and on-demand. A flight test and operations manual are not required.
How long does it take?
Average completion time is less than 1 day.

£125.00 ex VAT, (£150.00 inc VAT)

A2 CofC Course Overview
The A2 CofC is the introductory CAA certified course that allows you more freedom in where you fly your drone. Anyone holding this certificate may fly within the new A2 (Open) Category, no matter if its for recreational or commercial reasons.
The A2 (Open) Category will allow you to fly your "C2" drone down to just 30m from people. The definition of a C2 drone is explained in the FAQ section. Note that manufacturers have not yet released any drones that comply with the C2 standards.
As an interim measure, the CAA will allow A2 CofC pilots to fly drones weighing under 2KG in the A2 (Open) Category, down to 50m from people until July 2022 - perfect for anyone operating a smaller drone.
A2 CofC Course Content & Format
Within this course you'll learn about three core subjects covering Flight Operations, Flight Performance and Meteorology. The material has been written with the newcomer in mind but as you work through the subjects you'll also have on-demand access to your instructors via email, phone or video chat.
Accessible through our dynamic platform, you can choose whether to complete the course through your desktop, laptop or tablet.
A2 CofC Course Certification
This course is available to start anytime, but note that you won't be able to fly in the A2 (Open) Category until the UK has transitioned to the new EASA framework on 31st December 2020.
At the end of the course you'll automatically receive your official CAA certificate (PDF) along with your digital certification which can be added to your phone's secure wallet app- exclusive to AV8 students! Click here to learn more. 
The A2 CofC is valid for a period of 5 years from the date of your course completion, after which it must be renewed.
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A2 CofC Course Excerpt
AV8 are proud to offer the most advanced eLearning platform in the industry.
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Optimised for desktop, laptop & tablet through any browser; PC, Mac or Android

A2 CofC Course FAQs

Q: How does the exam work?
A: The exam is the only part of the course that has to be completed using a desktop or laptop computer. At the moment, tablet devices aren't supported. Click here to see which Operating Systems and devices are supported (opens in new window). Your computer must also meet some basic standards (Operating System, webcam, speakers, etc.). Click here to run quick automated test to make sure your computer will work.
Q: Is a flight assessment required for this course?
A: This certification doesn't require that you complete a flight test, only that you self-certify that you have undertaken a period of practical flying. This flying must be under A3 conditions (far from people), but simulating A2 conditions (near to people) and can be either under the guidance of an RAE or by yourself. There's no minimum flying time requirement, but we provide you with some practical flying activities as part of the course and encourage you to spend as much time as possible developing your skills.
Q: Do I need to write an Operations Manual for this course?
A: An OM is not required for the A2 CofC and you do not need to apply to the CAA for any special permission or exemption, even if you plan to fly for commercial reasons. This makes the course much quicker and cheaper than a full GVC, provided you're intending to fly either a done that weighs less than 2kg (until July 2022) or a C2 drone when they become available. It's also a great stepping-stone to the full GVC course.
Q: What's a C2 drone?
A: As part of the new EASA regulations, manufacturers will need to add a "CE" marking to all of their drones which indicates the amount of energy it imparts if it were to collide with a person. A C2 drone is one which imparts a very low amount of energy and therefore is safer to fly close to people.
Q: Is there a minimum age for completing this course?
A: Anyone aged 13 or over can complete this course and fly in the A2 Open subcategory. If you're under the age of 18, you'll need the permission of your parent or guardian to enrol.
Why choose an AV8 course?
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AV8's Single Sign on, powered by Auth0
A laptop, desktop or tablet (IOS or Android)
A webcam & speakers / headphones
Minimum upload / download speed 2Mbps
Course designed for those with no previous experience
CAA Drone & Model Aircraft Registration (DMARES)
To start this course, you must have completed the CAA's free online registration and training - Click here to learn more.
CAA Application
Unlike the legacy PfCO, a separate application to the CAA is not required for this course. No CAA fees are payable.
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