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New for 2023

A2 CofC and so much more

£89.95 (inc. VAT)
When you buy AV8's A2 CofC, you'll have everything you need to get the most out of flying your drone.
Fly any drone under 2kg to within 50m of uninvolved people and fly within congested and built up areas.


First time pass rate

14 Day

Refund guarantee

5 Years

Certification validity

About this course

This course awards the A2 Certificate of Competency (A2 CofC)

The A2 CofC

The A2 Certificate of Competence (A2 CofC) is a way to provide greater freedoms to drone pilots of lightweight drones who complete some introductory training. It consists of three study modules, completed online, followed by a formal exam taken under exam conditions. The average time to complete the A2 course can range between 1 and 3 days, depending on the student.


In June 2022 the CAA announced that the original "transitional" period for flying what the CAA calls "legacy drones" in the A2 sub-category has now been extended indefinitely. This was due to end on the 31st December 2022, and would have meant that all drones currently owned or on sale would no longer be able to be flown with an A2 CofC with reduced separation distances.


With this latest change, you can now fly in the A2 sub-category and keep your existing drone! This is fantastic news for holders of the A2 CofC and for the UK industry as a whole. Please get in touch if you have any questions.

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I’ve just completed my A2 CofC with AV8 and highly recommend this company.

David Chamberlain

Via Trustpilot

Well structured course. Great to be able to take the practice questions many times.I passed first time!

Christian Key

Via Trustpilot

Great course, excellent support and a very helpful and friendly approach. Highly recommended.

Dave Buxton

Via Trustpilot


Flying Lightweight Drones


Certification Validity


Inc. VAT

If you're brand new to drones, then the full GVC course is for you. Designed for anyone, regardless of previous experience or learning style, we give you everything you need to achieve your GVC.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Course

Full GVC Course

£999.00 (+ VAT)

Upgrade your legacy PfCO to the full GVC the easy way. 100% online, no flight test requirement and all your operations manual updates are provided. A2 CofC is also included as standard.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Upgrade Course

PfCO Upgrade Course

£499.50 (+ VAT)

Exclusively for graduates of AV8's A2 CofC course! We designed the A2 and GVC courses to fit hand-in-glove; this means you can progress to the GVC without repeating any content.

Product box displaying AV8’s General VLOS Certificate Modular Course

GVC Modular Course

£750.00 (+ VAT)


Online, on-demand and designed for you. We've used a combination of nearly a century of aviation training expertise, combined with some amazing technology, to create an engaging and rewarding learning process that's fully supported.

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Latest A2 CofC News!

At the end of 2022, the Transitional and Legacy period for A2 CofC will be extended to 1st January 2026. This means you can continue to fly your drone in the A2 subcategory for another 3 years (or until your A2 CofC expires).​

Even if your A2 CofC certificate shows a transitional period up to 31st December 2022, it will continue to be valid for operations up to this new 2026 date; there's no need for your certificate to be updated. Happy flying!

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