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    Online & On-Demand

    The most flexible and advanced eLearning platform in the industry, available to you on-demand, 24/7/365 for 12 months (even after you've completed your course).

    Start, pause, resume and complete at your own pace. Access all your course resources in one place.

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    Always Supported

    Everyone learns a little differently, so we provide unlimited, on-demand instructor and technical support for all our students; fast.


    Need help? Want to 'walk-n-talk' a subject through in more detail?

    No problem; connect with your instructors via email, phone or video.

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    Professional Exams

    We created a professional exam service just for you. Instantly accessible and with unlimited free retakes.


    Take your theory exam from your home, office or any other quiet place whenever it suits you.


    Availability within minutes; choose

    any time, 24-7-365.

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    Digital Certification

    If you're flying your drone, you very likely have your phone with you.


    Your AV8 Certificates can be stored directly into your phone's wallet app.


    Exclusive to AV8 (we built the system!)


    Digital certification that's convenient and accessible (iOS and Android).

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    Expert Team

    We have nearly a century of combined aviation experience to draw upon.


    From fast-jets to helicopters, from jet-liners to military drones (and most of the smaller ones too!).

    We also have vast experience of instructional design, delivery and technology to make it all work for you.

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    Augmented Reality

    Professional training's moved beyond talking-head videos, and so have we.

    Say hello to AiRSpace, our augmented reality app.

    AiRSpace sits alongside your course and allows you to add 3D objects and concepts into your real-world environment to aid learning.

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    Purchase Protection

    We understand that your journey to learning doesn't always go as planned; with AV8 you can purchase with confidence.


    If you decide your course or method of online learning isn't for you, we offer a 14-Day Money Back Guarantee.

    Some terms and conditions apply.

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    Additional Benefits

    Private Student Facebook Group


    Unlimited Referral Rewards Programme - Earn Your Course Costs Back!

    Enhanced​ Support for Students with Learning Difficulties (included)

    Continuing Instructor Access (12 months via email, phone and Zoom)

Created by a dedicated team with nearly a hundred years of combined aviation experience, AV8 Flight School is the UK's favourite drone training provider.


From light aircraft to fighter jets, helicopters to jet-liners and of course drones from 250 grams to 2.2 tons; our team has thousands of hours piloting and instructing on everything that flies.


We've used our experience to create amazing drone courses especially for you; the original and best virtual training provider.

We're the only CAA approved organisation able to provide fully virtual, on-demand certification; you can start, pause and resume at your own pace with access to the very best in instructional support whenever you need it.

Welcome to AV8!

The A2 Certificate of Competence

(A2 CofC)

Recreational & Commercial Flying

By default, any drone weighing 250 grams or more can only be flown in the A3 Subcategory. This means:

  • Flying no closer than 150m to any congested area (a congested area is one used for recreational, residential, commercial or industrial purposes).

  • There can't be anyone in the area you're flying in who isn't involved in your drone flight.


Completing the A2 CofC course from AV8 allows you to fly your drone in the A2 Subcategory with more freedom and in more places than ever before.

Transitional Freedoms​ (until 31st December 2022)

  • Allows you to fly your drone within recreational, residential, commercial and industrial areas (drones up to 2kg).

  • Reduces the minimum separation distances between your drone and members of the public to 50m (drones up to 2kg).

  • Reduces the minimum separation distances between your drone and members of the public to 0m (drones up to 500 grams, not directly overhead people).

Continuing Freedoms

  • Allows you to fly your "C Marked" drone within recreational, residential, commercial and industrial areas (drones up to 4kg).

  • Reduces the minimum separation distances between your drone and members of the public to 30m (drones up to 2kg), or to 5m if "slow-speed mode" is enabled.



£147.00 (inc. VAT)

£124.95 (inc. VAT)



"Thanks to AV8 Flight School I've secured a job working in drone delivery operations and I couldn't be happier! - Thanks so much for the amazing mentoring and support!


After doing my PFCO, GVC and A2 CoC with AV8, I approached AV8's CFI last month for 1-to-1 coaching to prepare for interviews with a BVLOS drone company.


With only a few days until the interview, Claw worked into the small hours of Monday morning with me making sure that I knew all the regulations, operational considerations and flight planning that needed to be done.


I had never picked up a drone before starting training with AV8 and now I am about to start on a new career doing BVLOS operations!


I can't even put into words how appreciative I am for the team at AV8, as well as an awesome course the instructors; have so much knowledge. I have absolutely felt supported the whole way!


Thanks so much AV8 Flight School."

Matt S


PfCO to GVC Upgrade

Already hold a current CAA PfCO?

Option 1 - Upgrade to Full GVC (Ops Manual Updates & A2 CofC Included)

There are many benefits to upgrading to the full GVC with AV8.

  • ​Extended Permissions. Add expanded permissions such as extended flight to 2km (EVLOS) and flight above 400 feet.

  • Operations Manual. Ops Manual regulatory update and review included.

  • A2 CofC Included. Receive a double award that provides maximum flexibility to your operations.

£375.00 (inc. VAT)

£318.76 (inc. VAT)



Option 2 - Update to the latest Ops Manual standard & retain your PfCO


Not quite ready for the GVC and A2 CofC? You can continue to renew your PfCO annually until December 2023 provided that you update your operations manual to align with the new regulations.

Need help ensuring your Ops Manual's compliant? AV8's Flight Docs system creates a brand new Operations Manual for you, fully compliant to the new standards. Simply enter your details, review and edit each of the pre-populated sections and hit Create Doc. Your brand new Ops Manual arrives by email in under 60 seconds!


Looking for a more bespoke service? Selecting the Supported version includes support, specialist advice and a full review for compliance by the AV8 Team.

£24.99 (inc. VAT)

Self Service

£99.99 (inc. VAT)


The General VLOS Certificate (GVC)

Commercial & Professional Drone Operations

For when you need more than the A2 Subcategory allows, we have two paths to support your progression to GVC and obtain an Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

A GVC grants access to the Specific Category

  • Allows you to fly your drone within recreational, residential, commercial and industrial areas (drones up to 25kg).

  • Reduces the minimum separation distances between your drone and members of the public to 50m (drones up to 25kg - reduced to 30m when taking off and landing).

  • Complete further courses to add expanded permissions, such as extended flight to 2km and flight above 400 feet (only available to GVC pilots).

Path 1

Full GVC Course (Includes A2 CofC)

This course takes you from a standing start to fully operational GVC pilot and includes the A2 CofC. Click below for the full course description.



£674.95 (inc. VAT)

£573.71 (inc. VAT)

Path 2

A2 CofC to GVC Modular Upgrade

If you've already completed an A2 CofC with AV8, you can upgrade to full GVC and only pay the difference in price between the two courses!



£527.95 (inc. VAT)

£448.75 (inc. VAT)

AdobeStock_202100684-min (1).jpeg


"Within a month of doing the AV8 A2 course I’d made back enough to cover the cost of the course, a Mavic mini 2 fly more combo and insurance for six months. And this was just after Christmas in lockdown where filming work is rare. For the extra freedom and credibility it gives you £130-ish is an utter no brainer."

John Davies, Blackfire Films


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